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Return of the Ghost of Scooter Sequel Rebooted

When Scooter disappeared from the Airwaves in late Summer, hysterical rumors began to ripple the murmers of the whispering class. What follows is this audio capture of his recent emergence where he attempts to dispell the inside story behind the real truth that is still unravelling beneath the Steps approaching what THEY don't want YOU to know about.

The Cover Story recounting his alleged abduction by MK Ultra for neurological re-synaptation and cortical
implants is an obvious subterfuge contrived to obscure his own complicity in sinister intrigue far more hideous than a routine MK Ultra seizure and surgical retrofitting. The single undisputed fact remains he was last seen at a KPFT board meeting before his mysterious abscence. That tells you all you
need to know. Who does he think he's kidding?


KPFT Pep Rally Song by Scooter and Kurt Zweil, Sexual Harassment from Public Radio to Smurfs and back. Archival Collection of Modest Proposals for Guns vs the Right to Life, Liberty and the Cost of Freedom buried in the Ground about every Fifteen Minutes. Words of Wisdom from Michigan's Dept of Public Safety: how Lead can save Taxdollars. Rats in Schools are an Unexpected windfall.

Science discovers that Americans are dumber than Previously Imagined. American Generals finally free
to share the Glories of War, Betrayal of Diplomacy, and
the Menace of Free Press. Ask your Dr about.
WHISKEY BROTHERs: Mama Maroon got Two Words for You "Dee Versity".

All Methed Up. The Strange Events Tangled in the Mystery of the Vanishing
Trained Monkey News Reader Conspiracy.

60 minutes

The Whiskey Brothers Comedy Podcast from Houston TX. Slade Ham, Rob Mungle, Sam Demaris with Kiki Maroon and Dale Cheesman

National Lampoon's Final Edition Radio Hour. Found wherever quality podcasts are available. Like HERE, and HERE

HARMONTOWN: with Dan Harmon and Jeff Davis