CCCP Monthly Laughing Nightmare Special
30 minute abridged version, originally broadcast on WBAI New York
You vill laugh, you vill cry...even more den ven you hear de news!


David Feldman on KPFK: Michele Bachmann's 'Close Enough' promo for the History Channel
Wrethched Refuse Stringband with the late Richard Shulberg: Meltdown
Scooter, Raymond, and my attorney, Sunshine: TeeVee News
The Capitol Steps: Gunatanamo Driver

Will Durst: Commentery
Jim Terr and Blue Canyon Satire: Obama-Rove and From the Bench
Mike Squire and Otis Maclay: Newses from the Futures
David Littman: Shoot Down the Drones
Janet Coleman and David Dozer: Spinach Soup
Capitol Steps: Charlie and Moamar
Randy Credico and John MacDonagh: CCNN



You vil ( ( (( LISTEN)) ) )

Inner Side Radio with Scooter

All previous Inner Side Radio programs are archived in air quality mp3 HERE