Houston Comics Rob Mungle and Mario Saenz

Rick Removes Santorum from Rob's Mungle
Mario Saenz

Ass Wednesday
Cleaning your Lent Trap so your Pants Don't Catch Fire
( (( ((( Part 1 ))) )) )
( (( ((( Part 2 ))) )) )

Rob Mungle, Mario Saenz and Scooter discuss Rob's bio, beginning stand-up as a foul mouthed 4-year-old, the Michael Berry Action Figure ™, Mario's love lives, being Mexican, send your vices to Rob for Lent, what's with the ashes? Why aren't we funny? Lesbian basket weaving , why that's not funny, Rob's freinds want their wedding gifts back, top donor Peter Griffin, turning Japanese, Philipino girlfriends, the Anime convention stench, Mario's vocal stylings. Drug tests, why we suck, what KPFT sounds like, Jean calls in from the tickleBerry Bakery, , abortion, gun control, Rawn Pawl, more callers agree: we suck and they LOVE IT, looking for Xian Love in the Montrose, deporting Mario Saenz Foundation ™ , and dolphins are hung.

Rob Mungle and The Whiskey Brothers Represent Houston on the Cast of POD!!!
"I'm not easily impressed, and
I'm Impressed
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