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Rodeo, Monsters and Aliens


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, live from KGRiM.
AM right wing talk radio's Dingus Berry, Outlaw Wilbur,
and the late Travis McNugget's final report from the gator pit.
Haggus Grissom, shares a fascinating personal interest story
on avoiding Planned Parenthood and the pitfalls of single dad.
The African Kony Dog franchise walks in from Uganda,
and the world famous Sanford Florida's Neighborhood Watch
Marching Band drive-by drill team shares some love and lead.
A Rod serling interlude. Then we pick up where we left off last week with
Everything You Know is Wrong from Firesign Theater, in memory
of the great Peter Bergman, whom went underground last week,
one of the true radio greats. I salute you, my brother

Whiskey Brothers Houston Comedy Podcast