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American Monsters: Woodrow Wilson

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Scooter agrees with 50 seconds of Glenn Beck and other Gripes.
Adventures of Zimmer-Man from David Feldman.
The Final Edition Radio Hour: 'Oh That George' a Zimmerman Sitcom,
Miles the Millenium, DEA PSA's, Wayne LaPierre's Dream, Wal-Mart endTime Solutions,
Virgin Spacetime, Bashar's Bash-Talk Show, Feminist Lies, Larry Lesnik's Dating Service.

Tony Hendra interviewed by Ellen Stein about the early days of National Lampoon Magazine,
Radio and Theatrical works, including Radio Dinner Theater and Lemmings


The Final Edition

Skeptiles with Joe Dixon, Shawn Ewald, and Scooter. SKEPTILES.COM

and Scooter's favorite Houston Comedy Podcast: The Whiskey Brothers