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Christians, the Anti-Christ is Here .
Please pick up your goddam phone.

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Scooter shares a shocking revelation from some Divine Light© or other: "Ted Cruz is the Anti-Christ to the tee." If you don't believe me, read the Bibble. We visit with Ted's Dad, Raphael Cruz, a raging Dominionist from beyond the furthest paranoid fringes of Bronze Age Christian Fundamentalist mayhem. Hannibal Lecter stops by to help decipher Cruz, and oh my dear Clarise, it gets even more terrifying.

More bullet-proof Spiritual Evidence™ from Scooter that Ted Cruz is the Anti-Christ. Then we meet more of the Cruz Cuck's Clan, including Lucy, Ricky, a hotheaded uncle in Cuba, even Glenn Beck chimes in.
Updates from Peter King, Rick Perry and Ron Paul as channeled by Mike MacRae's brilliant impressions on The Jimmy Dore Show which is broadcast weekly from KPFK, Los Angeles.

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