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Same Old Change

30 minutes

Mrs McWiggins. The answer line from the Houston Chapter of the
National Alliance. Drunk history of Current Events: John Boehner

Vince Emanuele, former US Marine. The voices of America's Favorite
Freedom Fighters from the McCarthy hearings

Retro War Rhetoric from LBJ.

The Thing that Wouldn't go Away: America Must Never Surrender ©
Because I can't put my hands up.... Crash McCain, Fabulous Jet Pilot
famous for putting only one crater in North Vietnam.

Richard Nixxon. War criminal, International Terrorist and Foundling
Father of the War on Drugs.

Meghan Kelly on the Caliphate, Sarah Palin stealing LBJ lines,
Lindsey 'the Cracker' Graham.

and many more.

CHANGE by Oingo Boingo

The New Improved Skeptiles with Joe Dixon, Leighann Lord and Shawn Ewald

Scooter's favorite Houston Comedy podcast. The Whiskey Brothers