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Ebola in Texas
EBOLA in Texas !
No Problem, Rick Perry's in Charge
Pray the Ebola Away


Don't Worry, Rick Perry is in Charge:
Rick Perry on vocals, Stevie Wonder and Frank Zappa.
Ebola is in town: Shadow and Kazzy of 2 Kings from Liberia.
Americas most Batspit crazy radio grifter and paranoia merchant, Alex Jones.
Pray the Ebola away: the ha ha preacher from Youtube.
Tony Allen In Africa , Rick Perry and the worst preacher ever, praying for rain,
ebola, not ebola, whatever. His hair is awesome and he put on his
Science Glasses to Impress the Ebolas

Stop whining and welcome your Ebola Overlords
Bleed out your Ears and Breathe through your Eyeballs.

The New Improved Skeptiles wwith Joe Dixon, Leighann Lord and Shawn Ewald

Scooter's favorite Houston Comedy podcast. The Whiskey Brothers