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Bill Maher Anti-vax Word Salad Tossed
The Skeptiles Re-unite to Blast Bill Maher's Batshit Wingnut Factory

Two White Guys Persecuted for their 'Alternative' Science.

30 minutes

'Deconstructing Bill Maher's Steaming Pile of 'I'm not an Anti-vaxxer..... BUTT'
that defiled HBO in real time last week. 'When Bill Maher makes Sarah Palin Sound Smart'
or 'How Weird is it when I agree with the Chick from The Blaze and a guy from the
Weekly Standard attempting to inform a couple of Liberals on science.
With Joe Dixon and Shawn Ewald from the Skeptiles Podcast .

"Love Me I'm a Liberal" from Mojo Dixon and Jello Biafra

The New Improved Skeptiles with Joe Dixon, Leighann Lord and Shawn Ewald

Scooter's favorite Houston Comedy podcast. The Whiskey Brothers