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Abrahamic Nightmares
and other satirical observations

30 minutes

Featuring Marcus Brigstoke's Epic Rant from BBC Radio. Final Edition Radio Hour Remix:
Perspectives, News for Women, Spleem, Racist Barbie, Ted Cruz, Clan of the Wooly Mammoth,
Man on the Street: ISIS, Iran Nuclear Talks, Human Skin Car Covers.

Houston's Favorite Right-wing Radio Personality, Michael Berry. Not Gay. Texas' Mike Macrae
as Harrison Ford with Jimmy Dore on the Jimmy Dore Show from Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles, William Burroughs from Drug Store Cowboy.

Credits by Caitlin

The New Improved Skeptiles with Joe Dixon, Leighann Lord and Shawn Ewald

Scooter's favorite Houston Comedy podcast. The Whiskey Brothers