Redrawing the Map
(of the Middle East)

Jeff Blankfort
& Scooter on Pacifica's KPFT Houston
Open Journal: Monday Nov 16, 2002
The IRAQ War, the Middle East, the influence of Israel in the region, the influence of the Israeli lobby in the US.

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ScooterMix Includes excerpts from:
"This American Life" with Ira Glass-Bombs over Bagdhad
Santa Cruz Radio-Rockin' the Boat
Urban Warrior
Chomsky at MATC
intro by Gilbert Gelding and Suicidal Tendencies
Machine Gun- Jimi Hendrix- Band of Gypsies
Blues for Allah-the Grateful Dead
Singing and screams by Caitlin and Raymond Schroell

Recorded at scooterBilt Studios Nov 15, aired Nov 18, 2002.