IKED and YIKED in Hyooston

As of this posting, you probably know alot more about Hurricane Ike than I do. It's September 23rd, we just got our power turned on, I haven't seen a television in a week, reading a newspaper with a flashlight is difficult, and the radio coverage was somewhat sparse. I know that Galveston and surrounding areas were slammed, and that high rises in Houston rained glass down onto the streets. I worked a lot of overtime to get triple phase into my workplace, haven't slept much. The world got very small in many ways. I've heard rumors there are problems with financial institutions. All the photos were shot within a

quarter mile of my house.


Wendy, Scooter, Raymond, Caitlin

On top of the parking garage, then bottoming out in driveway


Wendy, Scooter, Daniel, Caitlin







It looks like our windsheid wipers trashed these trees.


Tree Ass