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Dan and Dew's Rednecking Contest
David Dewhurst vs Dan Patrick in Houston Debate

Part 1 : Texas: the American Dream.
Jesus, business, Liberty, education, drug testing Welfarians, securing the border,
taxes, bold conservatism, Tea Party heroes, Ted Cruz man-crush, Wicked Wendy Davis,
sonograms, who hates Dems more, and why the other guy is a piece of Shit.
They both hit the mark on the last one.
(((LISTEN))) 8 minutes

Part 2 : Hispanic Vote Pandering FAIL.
Dan and Dew's hilarious attempt to pander the Hispanic vote, while hissing enough racism
to hold the rednecks. Secure the border. More helicopters, cops, gunboats, DPS and aircraft.
No more freebees for illegals. And our proud nation of immigrants...also.
(((LISTEN))) 6 minutes

Part 3 : Doctors who Care About Women.
Speaking for Blacks and Browns. Women's reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood
baby-killers for profit. Doctors who care about women. Moar sonograms.... Defense of marriage,
slumming with Wendy Davis....AUUUUGH!! Moar Creationism in Schools.
(((LISTEN))) 5 minutes

How do they Rate on the
Enormous Texas Pen-o-Meter ?
Dewhurst 2 inches
Patrick 1-1/4 inches


Dewhurst vs Patrick Debate hosted by KUHT Public Television and KUHF Radio in Houston

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