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The Invisible Robot, Wendy, and a giant Weasel

Scooter and Jimmy Vaughn, live remote from the Watermelon Festival, summer 2003.
Hep Ingham, Houston 2003


Pacifica Network Activists: Shiu Hung, Maria Gilardin, Joe Wanzala, Patty Hefley, John Sheridan: Berkeley 2002

Scooter-- monitoring security Cameras at KPFT, winter 2003

(left to right - Ivan, Otis, Raymond, Scooter)
This now-famous photograph appeared in Time Magazine October, 2001, with the accompanying article:

The struggle for control of the Pacifica Radio Foundation intensified last month when the Board of Directors cancelled the network's flagship national program, Democracy Now, produced at WBAI and hosted by radio journalist, Amy Goodman.
Protestors have been taking their battle to the streets since 1999, with demonstrations in major cities where Pacifica owns radio stations.
Demonstrators in Houston staged a mock funeral for Democracy Now, see gravesite in foreground, in front of KPFT Houston on Saturday.
Although Ms Goodman continues to produce the program from a cable access studio in New York City, the Board of Directors has ordered the program removed from the schedules of its five
stations in New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Berkeley CA. As of this writing, only the Berkeley station remains defiant, continuing to broadcast the program, as well as uploading to the Network's satellite system for distribution to affilliated stations. The program is also being distributed on the internet, free of charge, using a new system called MP3.
The Houston demonstration ended in near tradgedy when KPFT management unleashed a pack of genetically modified giant weasels on a few remaining protestors who had lingered to clean up the protest site. Tempers flared when a child was bitten by one of the mutant beasts, prompting the handful of protestors to draw machetes, hacking their ways through walls of gnashing weasel flesh. One demonstrator was seen dragging a canoe behind him.
The child's father, seen at far right in
photo, informed Time reporters that his son was unharmed, and the slain weasels were loaded up and hauled off to a property in North Houston, referred to as 'The Scooter Compound', where they were promptly gutted, skinned and barbequed.
"One hell of a tasty Jambalaya with green onion and rattlesnake," was Mr Scooter's comment.
The pelts are to be made into hats to raise money for lawsuits pending in court.

Pacifica's executive director told Time reporters that this incident proves, once again, that the so-called "Pacifica Dissidents" are a small but vocal, and extremely violent group of reactionaries attempting to disrupt the recent progress made by the foundation. Pacifica is demanding compensation for the loss of the genetically modified giant attack weasels.
copyright 2001 Time Magezine


Radio 4 Houston tech team in KPFA's back room, providing coverage of the first elected PNB meeting in Berkeley CA, 2002.
John SIRIUS Almelah, Otis Maclay, Maria Gilardin


Scooter and Moynihan, providing the finest in disruption at the Washington DC PNB meeting, November 2001


The Scourge of Harmonious Medicocrity, Topulaar: Evil Robot Warrior, feeds on the decay of dreams lost for lack of imagination. Topulaar remains an awesome force of disruption. It never knows hunger.




Really obnoxious old-school vaccuum tube thing with mechanical relay.
Houston PROUD