the Kennedys seem to have more problems with motor
vehicles than alcohol.

Robert was the only one that went down walking

JFK had a limosine problem.
Teddy had had a problem trying to decide which of the four bridges to cross
and picked the wrong one.
John John tried to use an airplane for a submarine
and now this Patrick Kennedy asshole thinks his car is a goddamm bulldozer.

These Kennedys should avoid transportation vehicles, they have really bad
luck with machinery.


"nenslo" <> wrote in message

>Very apropos except for the small fact which you seem to have missed,
>but was a major feature of every news story on the subject - that it
>wasn't alcohol, it was prescription pain killers and Ambien.

The propagnada I heard was that the two initial responding officers on site
smelled alcohol on his breath, which isn't very hard for cops, wives or

Pain killers and alcohol are a great buzz, if you can keep it below the
vomit threshold, but even I wouldn't attempt to drive anything bigger than a
nail under those conditions..

These things need to be fined tuned, or everything starts spinning, and the
next thing you know, you are puking your guts out all over the Japanese
Prime Minister.

But even if the cops were lying, and the guy wasn't sauced, he's just another rich kid who can afford a croaker to get fucked out of his mind on legal dope

If I had Elvis Presley's doctors, I wouldn't have wasted my mispent adulthood consorting with gangsters

I wouldn't get into a vehicle with a Kennedy if the bastard had a trunk full
of AA chips and a notarized blood test taped to his windshield.