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I think KPFT should patch a GeiselBox directly into the wire ready system in master control, for those times when it may be necessary to rapidly spew inaccurracies directly onto the airwaves at a moments notice.

Greg Geiselman's groundbreaking interview with dennis bernstein, apparently the issue is CREDIBILTY, and of course, unbiased reporting.

From: greg gieselman <>
Organization: The Aachen Group

* about 2 1/2 weeks ago, dennis bernstein + i spoke at some length. i had
called him to compliment him on his interview with michael moore. when we
were finished with that topic we went on to others. since so much of his air ti=
me is devoted to the israeli-arab conflict--and he only covers one
side of the story, and that side heavily spun--i asked him if he weren't
concerned he had gotten a rep for not being interested in the truth, but me=
rely his opinion of it. below is his response [direct quote]:

d bernstein [7th march 2002]: <greg, the truth is what i say it is.>

i asked him if he really meant that, and he said yes. we discussed it, which led
to a question i had for him about his concern for balance in his programs--
or at the very least, acknowledging that there was another side to the story. be=
low is a close paraphrase of his response:

d bernstein [7th march 02]: <if you want balance, go watch cnn. or read the ny
times. everyone knows the newspapers + mainstream media are controlled
by the jews.>

i asked him if he realized how racist + self-loathing that sounded + he said it
wasn't either, but that i obviously didn't understand. he got that part riight.
we tried to discuss it further, but the conversation began to veer off into
worldwide-jewish-control-of-banks-and-the-media conspiracy theories.

going back to his favorite topic, i asked him if he were willing to acknowledge
that innocent dead israeli children were just as dead as innocent palestinian children--and if
he understood that on a human level, the parents + families of dead jews grieved
just as much for their losses as the parents + familes of dead arabs. below is a
close paraphrase of his response:

d bernstein [7th march 2002]: <don't talk to me about dead children...what
about the jewish settlements [in arab lands]?...the israelis have gotten what they deserved.


full dislosures
1): i'm not jewish so i have no personal religious ax to grind
2) he said a great deal more, of course, but after that, i was thinking about how utterly cavalierly
he had dismissed <...dead children...> in favor of real estate. anyway, i asked him if he didn't
think there might be some issues he needed to address within himself...issues involving his apparent
inability to see beyond his blinders. he asked what i meant. i told him that he
is holding himself out as an investigative journalist, but in fact he more often sounds like a paid hack for some lobbyyist or foreign ministry.

his response: <so what?>

he went on to say that he was producing a show, and had i ever heard of artistic
license? well, yes, i have. but in my naive way, i'd like to believe that artistic license is one of
those things we at pacifica would try to use sparingly when it comes to investigative reporting.

* we talked about other things, too, that night, but there was virtually no
getting through to him on any level. his mind was made up; why confuse him
with the facts? he wasn't interested in debate or conversation. he merely wanted
an audience. i felt as if i were listening to
elmer gantry.

Greg Geiselman has accused Bob Buzzanco of verbal racial epithets to Donna LaPaz within the KPFT station, following the broadcast of Jewish Voices, Buzzanco was doing a show in the slot immediately following Jewish Voices.

From: greg gieselman <>
Organization: The Aachen Group

* objection to buzzanco's remarks, behavior + demeanor that day [and others]
is not restricted to any identifiable faction, group, race, creed, color,
nation, trade, gender, religion, height, weight,
alleged politcal affiliation, sexual orientation...or any other known criteria.

* no one has suggested that he be taken off the air. even--perhaps esp--the
people at whom he screamed his various insulting remarks + slurs.

Slacker and Steve Rendall on Geiselman and Bernstein


From: "Steve Rendall" <Rendall_2000@y...>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 3:29 PM
Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] Re: Flashpoints@K...

> Slasher wrote:
>> "So far there is no proof that Dennis
> >denies making the comments."
Yes there is. I called him two hours ago. He says he
never said them.
Furthermore, the parts of a Bernstein e-mail that were
posted here by Chugg, supposedly showing similar
sentiments to the "truth" and "Jewish media" comments
Geiselman claimed Bernstein made-- contained no such
comments. Chugg misrepresented the e-mail.

I would say that you have a very low burdon of proof

for accepting smears. I'm sorry, but I demand a little
more in the way of evidence than your account that
some unnamed person or persons say they *wouldn't be
surprised* to hear that Dennis made such comments.

(This level of evidence reminds me of the time Joe
McCarthy asserted that a particular man was a
communist. When challenged to produce evidence,
McCarthy offered as proof the fact that he could find
no evidence that the guy was _not_ a communist.)

Geiselman on Buzzanco


Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 15:57:12 -0500
Organization: The Aachen Group
Subject: face of intolerance
From: greg gieselman <aachen@f...>
Reply-To: aachen@f...

last wednesday, we saw the seething face of rabid intolerance. it was
not an armed jew in jenin nor
an arab bomber in jerusalem. it was at KPFT in houston--a raging
university professor [and pacifica programmer], blasting obscenities at
our guests as he careened around the station. all because they
had the affrontery to disagree with him. welcome to pacifica.


Here is a partial of the script for HCPR 1, where Sir Gregory Geiselbox esq dramatizes the distinctive Geiselman prose.

From: greg gieselman <>
Organization: The Aachen Group

*** buried at the bottom--the very bottom--of your incomplete, meandering,
unattributed piece re: events [+ some big numbers] in barcelona, is the
following ominous line: <young people are our only hope for changing this
cancerous social system.>

* what does that mean? that statement is broad it could mean anything,
everything, something +
nothing. i suspect it means nothing.

* which part of the <social system> is cancerous? we'd probably agree on
of them if you
didn't just parrot these pablum generalities which could apply to any
country or
culture anywhere on earth at almost anytime in history.

media alert fact 1: american education is in deep do-do. we agree. let's
talk about how to fix it.

media alert fact 2: american society has bifurcated. the income disparity
in the respective social classes continues to diverge. the criminal
underclasses + the criminal under classes appear to have become hereditary--or something
almost that serious. we agree. let's talk about how to fix it.

media alert fact 3: houston area teenagers are not flinging themselves off
bay bridge in great
numbers because they don't have dawn to dusk four-letter-word vomit chat
available in their ears.

media alert fact 4: texas pre-teens do not pine in east texas piney woods
join the debate on why teachers + nurses are paid so poorly; nor to figure
how to fix an electoral system that every four years requires we vote on
literally hundreds of patently unqualified judicial candidates no one ever
of...blah blah blah.

media alert fact 5: i must admit, torry, that i don't know much about
children. but i have a strong gut
feeling that most american teenagers would quickly see through your
carping litany of
anti-democratic, politicized, control mechanisms designed to force them to
what you want
them to think?

recap: shouldn't education [which is one of the primo kpft missions,
be about exposing
teenagers to the possibilities...the big, wide, wonderful world... +
them HOW to think--not
attempting to endoctrinate them with your ill-disguised ideological
flavor-of-the-month fluff, or worse, witlessly reaffirming their every
<married-with-children/mtv/lowest common denominator >whim?

kids are neither stupid nor delicate; they can handle both quality +

my admittedly limited experience with teenagers suggests that they will be
attracted to--and will make a greater contribution to--a radio station
knows what it is + where it is headed, as
opposed to one which panders to them for direction...a direction they are
expecting to be provided by the mentors they seek at that station.