The Inner Side Radio Program Archive 2008

Broadcast weekly from home station: KPFT Houston 90.1 Thursday evenings 10:30pm following THE OTHER SIDE

Holiday Assault !!
Xmas with Huey 29:30

War on Christmas #1 29:44

Interview with Jesus and Crimmins 25:56

War onChristmas #2 Mix 29:39


206 Help, I'm a SHOE!!

205 Politics, the Universe and everything with blog Wizards and Heathens

204 Celebration: End of Racism in America!!

203 CCCP Monthly Laughing Nightmare Special

202 KPFT PUMA Fiasco Investigation

201 Shannyn Moore from Alaska, Hell Pope Huey from Arkansas, The Daughters of the Democratic Confederacy's five minutes of Hate

200 Jesus Christ LIVE on KPFT w/ phone calls

199 Sarah's Last Stand and Molly Ivins

198 You're NOT from Texas!! Carpetbagger Special. Plus Greg Palast, Danny Schechter, News Dissector, Tim Kanova, AronRa

197 Darwin vs Texas School Board round 1 with Jeff Tamblyn
Darwin vs Kansas, see also Texas Freedom Network

196 Overhead Projectorgate with PZ Myers and Phil Plait

195 Aftermath and Mass-debation.... HockeyMom takes phone calls on air

Hurricane Ike Carrumba Photo Vid Essay AAI Convention from LA__atheist/skeptics

194 Election Shitblast Assault

193 New Atheists for Dummies pt 9, Dawkins vs Creotards , BBC special, and other cool stuff

192 The Classics

191 New Atheists for Dummies pt8 Roy Comfort, Otis Maclay, Larry Krizan, and former iconoclast, Christopher Hitchens

190 New Atheists for Dummies Pt7 former iconoclast Christopher Hitchens189 Bill Donahue pwn3d, Sam Harris critiqued, New Atheists for Dummies pt 6
188 New Atheists for Dummies Pt 5 PZ Myers debacle escalates, Catholics hijacked by arch fucktard Bill Donahue / and Sam Harris continued.

187 New Atheists for Dummies Pt 4: PZ Myers possible last interview: Catholic terrorists in America

Catholic League Responds

You Tube
Eucharist Challenge

186 New Atheism for Dummies pt3, Yoo questioned, 4th of July, Sam Harris
185 Carlin goes to Hell w/ Crimmins, Will Durst , Fred Phelps and o+thers

184 New Atheism for Dummies pt2:
more Dawkins at Lynchburg

183 New Atheism for Dummies pt1:
Intro plus Dawkins in Lynchburg

182: Utah Phillips

181: Ben Stein's EXPELLED: No Intelligence Required pt2
180: Ben Stein's EXPELLED: No Intelligence Required pt1

179 Scientology: Kick it until it dies
Video of this program available on YouTube

Part 1

178 CCCP guns and McCain
177 Barry Crimmins-Kill the Messenger
176 Sectarian Violence Reaches Texas
175 More, only LOUDER!!
174 dumbass vs dumbass vs dumbass

173 Negativland: Hosler in Houston pt2
172 Negativland: Hosler in Houston pt1
171 The Raucous at the Caucus- the Texan Flexin' report from the Dem-Brawl with Glen Urbach, Staci Davis, scooter and specal guest, Barry Crimmins.
170 shut up and vote
169 Horse Race 2008
168 Primary Election Coverage
167 MLK
starring David Duke

166 The Benazir Booty Club

165 Fifty most Loathsome Americans, 2007 pt2
164 Fifty most Loathsome Americans, 2007 pt1
(from the Buffalo Beast)